“A marvellous chanteuse.”
The Times


“A gothic Goddess for the 21st century… Is Wendy Bevan the new Siouxsie Sioux?”
Black Book Magazine, USA


“Wendy Bevan just released her debut album, Rose & Thorn, which has been met with excited acclaim. Her sound could probably be best described as though Siouxsie Sioux and Depeche Mode had a child. That child would be Wendy Bevan… It is an appropriately “out there” video for this staggering new artist. Sweet Dedication has something for everyone, including a badass new video.”
The 405


“… This modern day Renaissance woman is about to release her debut album, Rose & Thorn… Bevan commands attention with her theatrical style and enigmatic music that conjures mini movies in the listener’s head.”
Pop Matters


“The spellbinding Wendy Bevan is an artist in the fullest and most authentic sense, freewheeling between music, performance and photography to usher us into the scope of her vivid and dramatic imagination… As entranced by the darkness as she is adept as bringing the light, Wendy is a shape-shifter of beauty and grace…”
Notion Magazine, UK


“Wendy Bevan conjures moody cold wave that takes its cues from the genre’s greats. It’s Personal Jesus meets Ghost Rider meets Lovesong.
SPIN Magazine,USA


“Wendy Bevan’ s Sweet Dedication is a pure synth-pop gem, pulsating melody and cryptic lyrics that make this one a must hear.”
Indie Shuffle


“The fantasy world of the British artist Wendy Bevan, the most bombastic of contemporary London.”
The Drone, Fr


“A baroque universe, a hint of Gothic and lots of creativity, this musical recipe; Wendy Bevan… .a taste of this highly anticipated debut album.”


“Lene Lovich playing Norma Desmond fronting The Bad Seeds, a committed drama queen with an elastic contralto.”
The Scotsman


“With the cold wave revival well under way… Sweet Dedication is as chilly as the Arctic Circle in winter.”
Aural Aggravation


“Fronted by the porcelain-faced beauty Bevan, whose haunting voice fills every corner of the atmospheric performance space, this show is certainly one to get your blood flowing. Dare to see it.”
Broadway Baby


“Weimar Rock and Roll from an unforgettable performer.”
The List