Track Rambler Review

British cold wave artist Wendy Bevan gets intergalactic with the retro-electro “Love From The Moon” single off her similarly titled forthcoming EP, out May 12th on Kwaidan / !K7 Records. The atmospheric starry synths and shooting bass chords of “Love From The Moon” combined with Bevan’s glimmery vocals create an ethereal galaxy straight out of an 80’s sci-fi fantasy. This fuzzy, psychedelic voyage should fit nicely into your ‘summer of love’ playlist…

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People That Matter Review

Wendy Bevan’s own take on cold wave inspired electronica has seen her compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, The Knife, and Siouxsie Sioux. Her debut album ‘Rose and Thorn’ produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) was released on Kwaidan Records & !K7 in September 2016. Wendy’s vocals accompanied by glimmers of dark, pulsing electronic synths, minimalist post-punk basslines and featuring live strings from the Balanescu Quartet. Her vivid, often surreal theatrical storytelling to creates something thrilling unique in her vocal delivery, both in performance and on the album. The new 4 track EP, ‘Love From the Moon’ is out May 12th. It features a remix by Bruno Coviello (Light Asylum/ Bliscord) and a remix of her song Lover by D-Code & Psylence. In addition, there is a new bonus track; ‘Running From Waking’ produced by Robert Harder (Neneh Cherry and the Thing, Brian Eno)…

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York Calling – Rose & Thorn Review

Rose & Thorn reminds us of early PJ Harvey, but with more of an electronic feel to things. There’s a very 90s alternative rock theme. Bevan has added a modern twist.. as if PJ Harvey and Garbage had a musical baby together. Bevan is a very talented songwriter, who will manage to make a name for herself in the future…

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Love Is Pop – #songoftheday = WENDY BEVAN: “Love from the Moon”

Wendy Bevan, who I interviewed late last year, has a new EP coming out on May 12th via Kwaidan / !K7 Records called Love from the Moon and today we have the luxurious title track for you. Dig that rolling bass and her icy vocals during the electro-pop gem’s verses and the radiant chorus that will make you feel like you’re basking in a full moon as you listen to it.  It’s a perfect song to play while driving around late at night or chilling with friends after a fun but exhausting night out.   I imagine it would lend itself to some great club mixes, too.   To that end, there is going to be one remix of the track on the EP so perhaps it will be a club killer.  Regardless, it’s sure to be worth listening to because everything Wendy does is quite brilliant.

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Black book- Love From The Moon Premiere

BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Trippy New Wendy Bevan Track ‘Love From the Moon’

We’ve not been shy about our love for Wendy Bevan, Brit singer, multimedia artists and new gothic goddess – whose EP Sweet Dedication we introduced here last May.

Her latest single “Love From the Moon,” which BlackBook premieres here, marries a stark, retro-electro beat with ethereal synth washes and a dreamy, psychedelic “Summer of Love” vibe. Indeed, her lyrics are full of trippy pronouncements like “Stole the beat of my heart with your light” and “Wish I could take love from the moon.” The stunning track manages to sound both epic and intimate at once.

It’s the first song from her upcoming EP, the similarly titled, Love to the Moon, out May 12 on Kwaidan Records / !K7 Records. We can’t wait.

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