The 405 – Wendy Bevan goes goth in video for “Sweet Dedication”

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“Wendy Bevan just released her debut album, Rose & Thorn, which has been met with excited acclaim. Her sound could probably be best described as though Siouxsie Sioux and Depeche Mode had a child. That child would be Wendy Bevan… It is an appropriately “out there” video for this staggering new artist. Sweet Dedication has something for everyone, including a badass new video.”

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Exclu Les Inrocks : “Rose & Thorn”, le nouvel album ensorcelé de Wendy Bevan


Un long format quelque part entre Kas Product et The Knife.

Il y a quelque chose de maléfique dans ce premier album. L’artiste britannique, à la fois musicienne, photographe, performeuse et plasticienne dévoile son univers en treize morceaux venus des profondeurs. Du synthé minimaliste, des envolées électro saturées, des beats expressifs, sur lesquels vient se poser la voix suave de Wendy Bevan. Une navigation entre cold wave et post punk.

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‘Rose and Thorn’ reviewed on Tracker Magazine, Portugal



Thanks to Tracker Magazine for the great review of Wendy’s album ‘Rose and Thorn’ due to be released next month on Kwaidan Records and !K7 Records

“England was the place that brought us The Cure, The Damned, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, among many other haunted faces. What is a country prone to landscapes watered with intense moonlight tearing the dense fog and that always made for us to deliver some of the most intense combinations of mysterious music and mechanical repetition, is not new. If we make matter to forget, Wendy Bevan is one more reason to remember. She comes precisely from the Land of Her Majesty and is a performer from head to toe: experimenting with music, film, photography and genres playwrights, comes to us with a charm and the gift of metamorphose into different faces. It is with this that introduces us to release her latest album ‘Rose And Thorn…”

You can check out the feature on the link bellow and watch the latest music video ‘In Ghosts We Trust’

Phifest Milano 2016


On Friday 15th July, Wendy is a guest speaker at Phifest a new contemporary art and photography show in Milano.
The Theatre of Photography-
Exploring 360 of the photographic image as the stage and the making of other worlds through characterisation, performance, music and light.

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Wendy Bevan is every inch the dark chanteuse this generation is missing. Dancing between music, performance and photography Wendy’s practice is panoptic. Treating her photography as an extension of the stage, her work explores the complexities of womanhood against the backdrop of the modern archetype of female identity. Unapologetically breaking away from the mainstream, her work welcomes in the femme fatale and celebrates the theatricality of the gothic.

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The spellbinding Wendy Bevan is an artist in the fullest and most authentic sense, freewheeling between music, performance and photography to usher us into the scope of her vivid and dramatic imagination. Portraiture is a surreal exploration of the self: Wendy herself melts and morphs wherever a concept leads her. Having just released her Sweet Dedication EP she’s been captivating the UK with her ethereal, electronic creations, warming up our ears for her debut Rose & Thorn later this year. Post-punk basslines throb under Wendy’s dark vocals, accompanied by glimmers of needling synths and reverb-laden electronic organ, coming together to create a oeuvre that sits somewhere between Siouxsie Sioux and the dramatic mini-symphonies of Brooklyn’s Wood Kid.

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Love From The Moon

Wendy’s debut single Love From The Moon produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) will be released by Unknown Pleasures Records on 1st February 2016.
The digital edition single will have a remix of the track by Usher San (Norma Loy/Black Egg) and will also feature a cover of early eighties NORMA LOY’s hit Romance.
Love from the Moon is a song from Wendy’s fourth coming debut album Rose and Thorn released on Kwaidan and !K7 in 2016.

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