Love From The Moon – EP

Release date: 2017

Producer: Marc Collin
Label: Kwaidan // !K7

1. Love From The Moon (Album Version)
2. Love From The Moon (Bliscord Remix)
3. Running From Waking
4. Lover (D-Code and Psylence Remix)



Wendy Bevan is a UK synthpop disruptor, producing dance-y yet ambient tracks featuring her distinctive, floating vocals juxtaposed with mechanical beats.  Love From The Moon has a similar sound to Ray Of Light era Madonna,this EP feels like merely the threshold into Bevan’s world.
York Calling, UK

“Blending pop melodies with dark beats, we’re caught between the future of pop and call backs to the Golden Age of synthy goodness.”
All Things Go Music

“Rolling bass, her icy vocals during the electro-pop gem’s verses and a radiant chorus that will make you feel like you’re basking in a full moon as you listen to it. Love From The Moon is a perfect song to play while driving around late at night or chilling with friends.”
Love Is Pop

“We’ve not been shy about our love for Wendy Bevan, Brit singer, multimedia artists and new gothic goddess. Her latest single “Love From the Moon,” marries a stark, retro-electro beat with ethereal synth washes and a dreamy, psychedelic “Summer of Love” vibe… her lyrics are full of trippy pronouncements like “Stole the beat of my heart with your light” and “Wish I could take love from the moon.” The stunning track manages to sound both epic and intimate at once.”

Scunthorpe telegraph, UK
East Kilbride News

© Wendy Bevan