Saints Don’t Sleep



Release date: 2015

Producer: Richard Frenneaux

Saints Don’t Sleep was launched at the IMPOSSIBLE project gallery space, Paris in 2015 and exclusively commissioned online for REVS Magazine. Forging together a vision of film and music with Wendy’s signature Polaroid photographic works, Saints Don’t Sleep explores the gothic imagination, black magic, hallucinations, mythology and iconography that surrounds death and religion. ‘The rude and unforgiving beat of the track, recorded on her Farfissa organ, drives a sense of resistance to the new, coupled with destruction of the old, throwing us into an extraordinary but exciting place of intense conflict which feels suffocating yet enticing.’ Accompanied by a series of photographic self portraits and a music video, Wendy’s images reflect a mythical transcendence into satanism fused with divinity and miracles. She explores these themes with their undertones of eroticism, obsession and androgyny through the subconscious reinvention of the self. Wendy plays out the notion of their dominance through the Femme Fatale, gender and her own sexuality.

Hanging on the Wire, was also synched with the Reg Traviss feature film Anti-Social which premiered in London in May 2015.

Accompanied by a series of photographic self portraits and a music video.

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© Wendy Bevan