Wendy Bevan and Temper Temper created a world of ambiguity sending a shiver to the core. Their epic, original sound, fused muscular jazz, glittering blues and weimar rock and roll; a crunching drum beat that shakes the walls, a thick bass line that echoes in the chest; led by wild-coiffered pianist Seiriol Davies’ madcap, expert playing and Bevan’s stunning otherworldly performance. Cold in the spotlight Bevan stands statuesque, a hypnotic femme fatale, pure Dietrich. Her hauntingly beautiful voice, echoing the Pain of Desire. “Temper Temper’s soundscape came in torrential waves, exploring a ‘memorable journey into a David Lynch-like world of deep emotion, rich drama and superb music”

Temper Temper (2010-2013)

“A marvellous chanteuse.”
The Times

“Weimar Rock and Roll from an unforgettable performer.”
The List

“An excellent performance that is beautiful, hypnotic and stirring.“
Across The Arts

“Fronted by the porcelain-faced beauty Bevan, whose haunting voice fills every corner of the atmospheric performance space, this show is certainly one to get your blood flowing. Dare to see it.”
Broadway Baby

“A… Gothic Lady Bracknell hauteur”.
The Herald Scotland

“Lene Lovich playing Norma Desmond fronting The Bad Seeds, a committed drama queen with an elastic contralto.”
The Scotsman

“The Pain of Desire is a beautiful collection of music.”
Across The Arts

“Take the theatrical wiles of Brecht and Weill into the realm of piano-pummelling, drum-thumping brutalism.”
The Herald Scotland